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Two party system and ethnic politics
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Weak coalitions

With these divisions along and the lack of cohesive nationalistic ideologies, we end up with weak ethnocentric parties. They cobble up coalition governments, but due to the lack of a unified national strategy and varied interest, they are only interested in engaging in ‘bargaining tactics.’ Not to mention, there are the ‘non political forces’ who do not want any political culture to prosper in the country.

In the end, we have weak coalition governments, often held hostage by stakeholders, who end up hurting the process and alienating the electorate. The disenchanted electorate ends up considering the military a viable option, and often forgets that all the military does is create another PML with a new letter comprised of its own cronies.

The solution

The solution lies in a strong two party system, where both parties are truly representative of the entire electorate of the country. The parties must have roots in all four provinces and their ideologies and manifestos should be aligned, not on the basis of the regional language, but the overall national interest. The formation of governments would be a lot easier and the transition from one to the other would be relatively smoother and painless. The political process will prosper and the votes will not be expected based on geographic, tribal or linguistic lines. It will be a new era in national politics, where Pakistan will truly be at the forefront of any agenda.

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