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Jay Gruden's comments reveals Redskins' dilemma
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True heroism is not measured in touchdowns. Profound courage is not displayed by limping into Game 7 of the NBA Finals. Real sacrifice isn't something that advances a runner in a baseball game. But that doesn't mean that real heroes have not graced the World Series or been cheered in arenas and stadiums across the United States.

From Hall of Fame baseball legends like Ted Williams and Bob Feller to former NFL player Pat Tillman, there have been dozens of standout American athletes who left behind adoring crowds and traded in uniforms meant for games for ones that meant something much more.

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Regarded by many as the greatest hitter of all time, Williams twice interrupted his Hall of Fame career with the Boston Red Sox to serve his country. He missed the 1943 45 seasons after enlisting in the Navy reserves in May 1942. Williams resumed his MLB career in 1946, but returned to active duty in 1952, flying with the first Marine Air Wing during the Korean War. He flew 39 ground attack combat missions.

A four time Wholesale NFL Jerseys: Cheap Jerseys Black Friday Deals World Series champion with the New York Yankees wholesale nba jerseys and participant in two wars,

Shortly after making his major league debut with the Brooklyn Dodgers on the last day of the 1943 season, Hodges enlisted in the Marine Corps. He would miss the full 1944 and '45 seasons while serving in the South Pacific during World War II. After returning to the Dodgers for the 1947 season, Hodges would go on to be an eight time All Star as a player. As a manager, he would later lead the New York Mets to their "miracle" World Series championship in 1969.

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