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Endowment growth in the US is largely the result of the universities investing in equities, which was not possible in India’s mostly static system. About 80 per cent of an average US university’s endowment now vests in equities and fixed income securities. Only one to 20 per cent of the growth is from alumni gifts and donations. Contributions matter a lot. Many NRIs also give lavishly to the US system. But in India, on the one hand, there is no such endowment, and on the other, government budget, whatever it is, is not fully utilised. It goes in underhand dealings and nefarious activities.

US schools are relentless in reaching out to alumni through newsletters and e-mails, but in India, except for the IITs and more recently the IIMs and IISc, few schools and colleges have any kind of alumni outreach. There is a big communication gap between the alumni and the concerned universities and institutes.

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