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03.30.2018 (1117 Days Ago)

Madden NFL series

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Who will be the starting quarterback
Who will be the starting quarterback
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Garopolo will serve as the starting quarterback for the Patriots in the next game

The question of who will be the starting quarterback for the New England Patriots in the next game seems to have finally been resolved. According to local Boston radio reports, the Patriots will let Jimmy Garoppolo serve as the starting quarterback against Buffalo Bill.

If Garopolo did make his debut, it was only 10 days after his shoulder joint sprain. Although another quarterback Jacoby Brissett started in the third week of the game NFL Coins, he suffered a finger injury during the game, which made it impossible for him to determine whether he could play the next game. Both were listed as unsure in the injury list.

In an interview Wednesday, Garopolo said: "It is recovering. It is now being checked every day and trying to play in the next game. It just wants to recover better every day. This is your only request. We really do every day. All are watching.” But in this week's training it looks like Garropolo had no pain when passing.

Of course, since we are talking about the patriots, there is no set game in the quarterback position until Garopolo actually plays. The Patriots were actually very secretive about the starting candidate for the next game, which led to the chatter of the patriot’s first choice at the press conference in Buffalo Bill.

Now, Bill will be glad to finally have to guess again, because it looks like Garopolo will be the starting point.

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