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04.05.2018 (1111 Days Ago)

Madden NFL series

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The head of the NFL player
The head of the NFL player
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As the saying goes, it's a hero who is stumped by a penny, and this thing also falls on the head of the NFL player. Pittsburgh Steelers rookie wide receiver Zhu Zhu - Smith - Schuster is a well-known player in Pennsylvania, in the previous paragraph he was still Twitter publicly recruited LeBron - James, so that his popularity suddenly started in the United States Madden Coins. The original Zhu Zhu boy thought that the high-end restaurant he could enter by brushing his face would be blocked by the welcoming staff at the entrance. For this reason, a pair of jeans can really ruin Zhu Zhu.

How could such an embarrassing thing be revealed? Thanks also to the paparazzi. A paparazzi member used a mobile phone to record the entire process of the incident. Zhu Zhugang has just entered the league and is generous and generous. He is good at making friends and is a part of the team. Yesterday, Zhu Zhu returned to his hometown and took his friends to a high-end steakhouse in Beverly Hills, California. However, he was stopped outside because of dress issues. Zhu Zhu’s adidas sweat pants violated the dining dress code. Speaking of changing a pair of jeans again.

Zhu Zhu is a face-loving person and has to look for jeans. He originally wanted to go to the next shop to buy a cheap pair of jeans for temporary use, but it was getting late and the helpless stores were closed. However, on the road to perfection, Zhu Zhu discovered that the paparazzi photographer who was giving him a video actually wore a worn-out pair of jeans. Zhu Zhu immediately asked for pants as if discovering the New World. After both parties bargained, they sold for 100 dollars.

In the end, Zhu Zhu replaced Addi sweatpants with jeans and entered the restaurant as he wished. There are so many embarrassing things, but everything is worth it. Because he tasted the cream cakes and ice cream that he praised here.

Although brushing his face failed, it does not mean that Zhu Zhu's fame is not enough. The top student of the South University returned to his alma mater in the offseason to handle graduation, so he had this dinner. The 21-year-old Zhu Zhu spent his rookie season last season, completing 917 yards and seven touchdowns in 14 games. He is one of the best rookie players in the league.

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