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03.27.2018 (1120 Days Ago)

Madden NFL series

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The development of China’s ice hockey
The development of China’s ice hockey
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When it comes to the development of China’s ice hockey for nearly a year, Kunlun Hongxing, the first Chinese to participate in the world's top professional ice hockey league, is naturally a topic that cannot be bypassed. In particular, Kunlun Hongxing has reached a joint construction agreement with the China Ice Hockey Association prior to the reorganization. The "National Club" NHL Coins. Fang Xuefeng first affirmed the contribution of Kunlun Hongxing to Chinese ice hockey, and also believed that Kunlun Hongxing and the Chinese Ice Hockey Association will still maintain close cooperation, but he believes that the "National Club" will have a second, second Three...

Looking at the 2022 Beijing Olympic Winter Games, there is not much time left for Chinese ice hockey. Fang Xuefeng is optimistic about the qualification of Chinese men's ice hockey. On the one hand, there has never been a situation where the host team missed the ice hockey game in the history of the Winter Olympics; on the other hand, China has a very good ice hockey development. Planning, from the perspective of the future development of the World Ice Hockey Movement, also requires the active participation of China.

However, obtaining the qualifications for the 2022 Winter Olympics is not the end of Chinese ice hockey, but the starting point. Fang Xuefeng believes that even with careful preparation and planning, the Chinese men's ice hockey team has won the 2022 Beijing Winter Olympics qualifications, but it cannot expect the stunning performance of Chinese men's ice hockey. We must recognize the gap with the world's top teams, Chinese men. Ice hockey can be played on the Olympic Winter Games in Beijing. Chinese women's ice hockey may be able to achieve better results in 2022, but it will not exceed the fourth best place in history. Whether the final Chinese men's ice hockey, women's ice hockey Olympic achievements how to obtain, both for the sustainable development of China's ice hockey to provide more power, it would be the greatest significance for the Chinese Olympic ice hockey.

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