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11.05.2018 (9 Days Ago)

Raymond Mill

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Sand Making Machine Manufacturers
Sand Making Machine Manufacturers
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Sand making equipment is one of the sand making machine used in sand and stone construction industry and mining equipment industry. Bearings of sand machine machine are very important accessories, so it is very important to pay attention to the maintenance of bearings. The following will analyze with you how to maintain the bearing of the sand making equipment is the best.

Matters needing attention in the use of sand making equipment bearings:

1. keep bearings and their surrounding clean.

2. be careful when using sand making equipment. If used carelessly, it will cause strong impact on the bearing, resulting in scratches, indentations and damage.

3. use proper tools to pay attention to rust prevention of bearings and avoid use in damp places.

When the equipment of sand making machine works, it is necessary to observe the connection parts of motor, reducer, hydraulic coupling, head, tail and other parts must be complete, complete and tightened. There should be no oil leakage and oil leakage on the reducer and hydraulic axis. The oil should be suitable and ensure that the nozzle is in good condition. The power cord and operation line must be hung neatly and not extruded. The overlap joint between the conveyor head and the tail of the transfer machine should be suitable for working face. Scraper chain plate should be moderate, scraper and screw must be completely tightened. When the machine is turned on, parts of the bridge should operate without any abnormal sound. Scrapers, chains and connecting rings should not be twisted, twisted or bent. It is necessary to ensure that the safety protection net and protection device of the sand making equipment are not deformed, invalid, safe and reliable.

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