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08.09.2018 (983 Days Ago)

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Previews: PlayStation 4 Hands On Preview
Previews: PlayStation 4 Hands On Preview
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Its primary weapon is the scepter. Priests can heal, cure and revive the dead. They can inflict pests in their enemies and utilize lightning. His main weapon is the cane. The sorcerer uses a disk to cast his charms and treat damage.

The warrior wields twin blades and buy tera gold wears light armor. This course is more for hand-to-hand battle. Use quick attacks and misdirect opponents. There's a course that is not available until you get to level 50. That class is the reaper.

Previews: PlayStation 4 Hands On Preview

As most of you may already understand, Tera is getting ready to create its way from PC to console. And just this past weekend fans got their first opportunity to check out the MMO on a PS4 at Sony's Playstation Experience. And even though I was not able to earn the event , I'd get a opportunity to go hands-on using a brief presentation of what fans can count on.

A number of you may remember I already had an opportunity to check out the way the game runs on consoles earlier this year in PAX West about the Xbox One and what I said at the time is true for the Playstation version too. Utilizing a controller certainly gives combat in Tera a bit of a Dark Souls vibe. It is all about dodging enemy attacks then following up with timing-based combos. I took on a number of games like tera reddit beasts, including a massive living rock monster coincidentally called a Teralith that didn't want to die. Combos are executed by striking a standard attack then figuring out that skill to follow up with using a collection of timed hits from a single source. Players will also receive a chance to earn their own custom combos at a post-launch feature.

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