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06.12.2018 (1041 Days Ago)

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North Korean workers that could be 4MS2
North Korean workers that could be 4MS2
1041 days ago 0 comments Categories: Games Tags: 4MS2

North Korean workers that could be connected to 4MS2 2018 FIFA World Cup construction sites."

Allegedly abusive conditions facing migrant workers in World Cup 2022 host Qatar have also triggered criticism of FIFA.The UN's International Labour Organisation (ILO) on Wednesday closed its investigation of the gas-rich emirate over possible worker abuses, saying Qatar's labour reform plan had addressed the problem.Qatar has promised to introduce a minimum wage, force employers to lodge contracts with the government so they cannot be changed and end a practise that allowed employers to stop workers from leaving the country."

Irrespective of any decision taken by the ILO, the (rights panel) noted that it is incumbent on FIFA - with its direct connection to the 2022 buy Maple Story Mesos World Cup construction underway in the country - to have a clear position on the rights of migrant workers in Qatar", the report said.FIFA needed "to ensure that the legal protections they are afforded are in line with international labour rights standards."

FIFA set up the rights panel earlier this year, as part of president Gianni Infantino's bid to overhaul the scandal-tainted organisation.The eight-member group includes leaders from labour unions, international NGOs, human rights experts and officials from FIFA commercial partners. FIFA 18 secrets revealed: Rare kits, 1 player 2 clubs... | Daily Mail Online.

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