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03.29.2018 (1118 Days Ago)

Madden NFL series

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No player specializing in defense
No player specializing in defense
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The running back and quarterback are the highest scores in the history of the Heisman Award, and very few players in other locations have won this honor. Historically, there were two near-end-winners. They were Larry Kelley and Leon Hart. Desmond Howard and Tim Brown, two wide receivers, also won. Charles Woodson was the only true defensive player in the winners. He played for the defensive back while playing for the University of Michigan. He also took part in the kick-off and wide receiver missions Madden Coins. Historically, no player specializing in defense has won this award. Cornerbacks and linebackers are even less likely to enter the final three candidate list.

The issue of the Heisman Prize for the regional issue is a long debated issue. The Heisman Prize in the selection process often ignores the West Coast players and has caused widespread discussion. Regarding regional controversy, many people think that the voters in the east did not watch the games on the West Coast. Due to the reasons for television broadcasting contract, cultural interests and other reasons, the dispute over the selection of Heisman prizes for eastern university players has been controversial.

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