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03.26.2018 (1121 Days Ago)

Madden NFL series

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Newton became one of the league’s top stars
Newton became one of the league’s top stars
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The negative news surrounding Newton made people wonder whether he could adapt to the NFL. However, depending on talent alone, he is definitely the champion of 2011. However, many experts believe that he is not worthy of high hopes. The Carolina Panthers, the NFL's worst team in 2010, used his own draft pick to select Newton. Newton accepted the challenge, dropping 21 touchdowns over 4,000 yards in his rookie season and winning the best offensive player of the year.

In the following years, Newton became one of the league’s top stars. His size, strength and speed are destined to become the most explosive player in the football world. In 2015, he threw 35 touchdowns and only 10 interceptions were accompanied by 10 running touchdowns. The epic data brought him that season's regular season MVP. In that year, he led the Panthers to a 15-1 record and qualified for the 50th Super Bowl. Unfortunately, he lost to Denver Broncos led by Peyton Manning Madden Coins.

Repeated defeats and blows are common and uncommon setbacks on Newton's rugby road. But this is like Newton giving himself the title "Superman". He has never chosen to escape or give up. This is why experts and fans still believe that Newton's potential is still not fully tapped. For many top players, they all regard the sky as their own limit. But Newton is continuing to declare to the world with his own actions: The sky is not my limit, it is only my landscape.

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