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04.01.2018 (1115 Days Ago)

Madden NFL series

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In the official competition
In the official competition
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The race suit is another obvious sign of the driver, usually the more the logo above the more beautiful ... Haha, usually the regular race, the drivers should wear the team's uniforms, do not have to buy. Generally speaking, the main content is the different fireproof materials, and the thickness of the uniform Rocket League Trading, 2 or 3 layers, usually no store can directly try on comparison, we can ask more people in the industry if necessary.

In the official competition, in addition to having to wear a uniform, the inside of the uniform must also wear a fireproof underwear and socks similar to thermal underwear. Everyone can imagine the summer of 30. (The game is usually not overheated. Place) Wearing a fireproof underwear plus a match and wearing a helmet in a closed steamer-like car with no air conditioning or window opening is also a considerable torment. The rider's strength must be good. There is still no game. At the end of the heatstroke in the car, there are also cases in which the driver drives the car directly to the hospital in a rally.

This is actually the key, in addition to a good set of racing gloves can not protect the driver's hand from being injured, fire insulation, but also can greatly reduce the rider's physical exertion Rocket League Items. Such as Sparco's Tide, in the gloves and the steering wheel contact place, all covered with a tiny suction cup structure, so that drivers can not firmly grasp the steering wheel without too hard, or need to use a lot of hand strength to stabilize the steering wheel.

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