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04.02.2018 (1114 Days Ago)

Madden NFL series

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How long is your career time left
How long is your career time left
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Recently, Messi received an interview with the Spanish Football Association e-magazine. During the interview, Messi talked about the summer of the World Cup and related issues of his future.

Let’s talk about La Liga.

I think La Liga is not just a league of two or three teams. It is true that we and Real Madrid compete for the championship every year, but Atletico also won the league title Madden Coins, and every year there will be many teams competing for championships and Europe. War qualifications.

How long is your career time left?

This question is indeed the most difficult one. I do not know the answer myself. I hope it will be many years later! My desire and enthusiasm for victory have grown every year, and there are still many challenges waiting for me to face. There are many championships and goals waiting for me to fight. I feel good now, but I don't know when I will withdraw from the game. Maybe it is too hasty to start thinking about it now, but I also know that this day will come.

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