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01.14.2018 (281 Days Ago)

Madden NFL series

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Hayward is a gamer
Hayward is a gamer
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Many fans know, hayward is a gamer, as early as 2011 during the NBA lockout, hayward had to starcraft ii professional masters, has become the first in NBA history LOLGA.Inc to e-sports league players to participate in professional, especially like before a period of time the game is to play the hero alliance, joint doll when also can't hold up the game.

Talking about the game, recently the most popular game is "chicken", in the offseason, Ben simmons is basked in in the social media out their own "chicken" screenshots, also invited downs team together, downs response: "let's make up."

Before the "chicken feed" game, downs's favorite game was "call of duty," and had participated in the "call of duty" game. Activities in the interview that the game is the most difficult opponent wiggins: "our game is full of competition and the trash talking, this really, really interesting, every time he play games is particularly serious."

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