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Halloween is just over a month off R6 Credits
Halloween is just over a month off R6 Credits
67 days ago 0 comments Categories: Movies Tags: Rainbow Six Siege Credits, R6 Credits, Rainbow Six Siege Items, R6 Items

Halloween is just over a month off R6 Credits, so if such an event is occurring we are very likely to hear it shortly. Aside from supplying us with leaks, today's Siege update also brought stricter team kill bans along with the typical set of bug fixes and minor balance tweaks -- though not one of these are particularly spooky.

Ubisoft releases a new pair of Guru League skins to commemorate every season. Every one of the skins released follows exactly the same style -- white and black, with gold highlights. The operators covered with this recent spate of skins are all additions to the Rainbow Six roster, which means that, up until today, they've been lacking in terms of makeup.

Vigil's new Starlight uniform is buy Rainbow Six Siege Items a particular highlight of this collection, and it comes complete with his newly gold-trimmed Singularity ballistic mask (along with also a Union Flag on the buckle).

You can check out the skins in detail via the official reveal under, or look at them in magnificent still image form via the Reddit thread that initially shown them. You will have until the close of the year.

There are a lot more incoming developments for Siege to be revealed. A Halloween occasion with a habit House is apparently along the way alongside a lot of Halloween skins, all which is assisting you spook your Siege play using these autumn months.

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