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Best Site for Guild Wars 2 Gold EU on Gold.raiditem | Ways to explore Tyria
Best Site for Guild Wars 2 Gold EU on Gold.raiditem | Ways to explore Tyria
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As one of the Guild Wars 2 developers, Roy Cronacher said they wanted to create even more ways to explore Tyria, and mounts were the perfect vessel for this. Read the parts of the original post from the official site here. BTW, gold.raiditem also offers the full stock of Guild Wars 2 Gold US and Guild Wars 2 Gold EU with a cheap price.

Joy of Movement
You’ve probably heard this term before when we've mentioned other features or mechanics in Guild Wars 2. We took the concept to heart, made it a core pillar of mounts, and went wild bringing that feeling to life.

Developing the mounts’movement physics and animation sets early in the process helped us ensure that they move naturally. We created different movement physics for each mount to emphasize their anatomy and make them move realistically in the world. For example, the skimmer never touches the ground, so it has lower friction and slides a bit, much like a drift car. We also created custom cameras to support the feeling of fast, unique movements for each mount.

Perform Incredible Feats
We wanted mounts to feel like toys that are enjoyable to use, and tools to explore the world in new, fantastic ways. Just as gliding filled a role that didn't exist before, mounts are capable of impressive moves that your character can’t perform on their own. Each movement ability shines when tackling a different type of terrain or obstacle.

I believe many players can't wait to get $k3&f5f all the mounts after reading this post. Try now and enjoy your game time! And if you need gold for more mounts, 100% cheap and safe Guild Wars Gold at gold.raiditem must be your best choice!

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