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10.08.2018 (70 Days Ago)

xingwang's blog

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As a result
As a result
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But according to the latest news, Manchester United has told the Italians that they want the other party to exchange with Croatian star Pericic. However, Inter Milan's first four games in the new season, 1 win, 1 draw, 2 losses, only 4 points, has been significantly behind the leader Juventus, and Pericic has effectively scored 2 goals in 4 Serie A, the Nerazzurri In any case, they are not willing to let go of their own star https://www.lolga.com.


It is worth mentioning that even Manchester United did not seem to agree on the use of Marshall for Perisic, because this summer, Manchester United executive vice chairman Woodward vetoed Mourinho's plan to introduce the older central defender And Pericic will be 30 years old by February next year, and now Marshall is only 22 years old. Obviously, it is obviously not cost-effective to FIFA 19 Coins use Marshall for Perisic in the long run.


And if you don't get the substitute for Martial, Mu Shuai will definitely not let the French leave the team. As a result, the wishful thinking of Martial and Inter is destined to end in failure. However, given that Marshall’s contract is only the last year, Manchester United must activate its one-year priority renewal clause as soon as possible in order to put itself in a proactive position.

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